Improve your website speed

Is very useful in testing your web site speed. It will give you all the information about why your website is slow.

The most easy way to make your site faster is compress your images.

Optimize images

Using small size images can greatly reduce your download time.

Gzip compress

Enable Gzip compress is the first task you need to consider,

Using min.js instead of the full version js package

Usually mini version js already covered your most usage, using full version will generate more server load and takes more time for downloading, using CDN version is also a good idea to reduce the traffic.

Optimize your website


Lots of our team members found our web site is really slow these days, they are asking us to investigate the issue and optimize our website


Improve our website performance will greatly improve our work efficiency and customer experience, while I am doing the investigation ,I also find that it can increase your web site SEO ranking.

Testing tool

We running the online tool to test our website’s performance and we get the following result:



What is Time to First Byte?

First Byte Time Applicable Objects Time to First Byte for the page (back-end processing + redirects)
What is checked The target time is the time needed for the DNS, socket and SSL negotiations + 100ms. A single letter grade will be deducted for every 100ms beyond the target.



  1. Disable all the un-used plugins. Some wp plugins are CPU intensive costing, it is better to disable those you don’t need.
  2. Using WP Super Cache. In the settings, turn on the Caching to Caching on. In CDN,also enable the Enable CDN Support.

After these two steps,I got


The time to first byte resolved.