You will see all your strengths in the design provided by Service ECVictor Inc.


Website Design

Having a successful website gives you the chance to take your business to the world, reach new customers, and unlock your hidden potential.

Mobile Design

We design, modify and develop your mobile application. Our expertise in the market will help you achieve your specific goals.

Business Service

If your business has the potential to create positive social and environmental impact in the community, we can help you reach your goals faster.

Financial Services

We work with our clients as partners. Together we develop clear, detailed action plans, and support or run the implementation of those plans to ensure real and sustainable performance improvement.

Funding & Grants Consulting

We work closely with local government and organizations. Help you build the Business plan/financial plan as well as select the Suitable Funding/Grants program for you.

Legal and Tax Consulting

Tax advice with ERP/CRM system integration with local CA/CPA support. We have a more than 15 years experience tax team to support your local business.

Human Resource

We know what you need in the IT department.Outsourcing? Contract? Build your own IT team? We help choosing the right plan with the right person for you.


Service ECVictor Inc. is an e-business service provider that helps solving the ever-increasing need of small and medium-sized enterprises in e-commerce.


Services ECVictor Inc. provides you a 360 degree solutions to boost your business potentials via internet. What you get from ECVictor is not only just a website or mobile application but a whole package of solution optimized for your business goals. You will see all your strengths shown in the design we provide you. A design reflects the nowadays fashions and trend. Our design team is eager to understand your business goals, as well as analyze your customer’s behavior, potential needs and expectations.

Contact Info

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  • 630 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, Suite 920, QC H3A 1E4, Canada